Welcome to 6th Grade !

6th Grade Recognition: Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 7:00 on the blacktop by the playground.

Students should be in their homeroom by 6:40 p.m. Proper dress attire is required:
Boys: No jeans or shorts Girls: Dresses or nice pants. (No spaghetti straps or strapless dresses unless something covers the shoulders.)

Thank you for your kind donations of candy (and the money to help with shipping costs) for the soldiers in Iraq! We shipped 4 large boxes of goodies! Matt and the other soldiers would love it if you continued to write to them over the summer. Here is the address:
SGT Matthew Bradshaw
HHB 1-174 ADA Det 1
APO AE 09378

PUBLIC LIBRARY BOOKS Please return any public library books that you borrowed from us. We, the teachers, are responsible for all of the public library books that you have been using. PLEASE check at home to make sure that you have returned all of the library books.

ZAP!! Please review the attachment to learn about a new homework policy that we are implementing in 6th grade.

Wilson homework "pick-up" policy for absent students: Parents must either
1.) arrange for homework be be sent home with another student in the same class, or
2.) leave a message on the absence phone line to have the homework sent to the office to be put in the homework bin for pick-up. A sibling can stop by the homework bins at the end of the day to get the homework, or a parent can pick it up after school.

We will not send a child with homework to go find a sibling in another class. This causes a lot of confusion when we have children walking around at the end of the day trying to find siblings that may not be in their homeroom.