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This is my horse Dakota, he is a 10 year old American Paint with bright blue eyes. He stands 15.3 hands high. He was dozing off when this picture was taken. -Olivia <3
his name is zikamo and he is 2 months old and he is a beagle mixed with rottweiler.

This was my golden retriever Tucker. But she died in January 2008 :(. So were getting another

golden retriever puppy this November...I CANT WAIT!!! I miss Tucker soooooo much.

-Emily Teter <3


This is my half dog Maggie!!! She is a 6th month old Golden Retrevier! She loves people and she is adorible!- Elizabeth

These are my dogs, Henry and Kellie. Henry is a 4 month old westie and Kellie is an 8 year old german shepherd. They love playing together. - Mrs. Hopkins
h2.JPG kellie2.jpg

Here are my dogsCorona--May_28,_2009_004.jpgPICT0086.JPGPresidents'_Day_2010_Snow_016.jpg
Their names are: Corona Stella and Guinness
I also have 5 hamsters named Bailey,Inky(Girls) Cow,Camo and Little Grey.
I ALSO have 2 Geckos named Spot and Blondie.
AND last but not least a Hermit Crab named Stephanie.
Paige :)

dsc_0025.jpg Here is my dog, and the only pet I have, her name is Sake.She is a Cavapoo She is 3 yrs. old, she loves to play with a water bottles.
Ethan ;)

031.JPG142.JPGThis is Mara (boxer) and Clementine (shetland sheep dog/border collie mix). Mara is 8 years old and Clementine is 5. They both like to play tugg a war and play catch with tennis balls, and love the snow! Megan :)

drews_pics_2010_thru_june_187.JPGThis is my awesome dog Clarice.  She is a 3 1/2 year old basenji black labrador mix. She as born on January 15, 2007 in a cat shelter. She likes scrambled eggs, goldfish and pretty much anything she can get a hold of. She enjoys to go running at Stanberry Park in Mount Washington. She is very affectionate and loves to please us. She loves snow because she gets to chase us around! Drew:)

 This is my dog Hooiser. He is a rescue dog that is a mutt. He is 1 year old and his birthday is March 5. His original name was Cooper. My family has had him since last summer and he is a wonderful dog. Carter 001.JPG
This is my dog Shiloh! She is a Rhodesian Rideback. She is 3 years old and loves to play tug-o-war! Claudiahazel.jpgThis is my dog hazel.she is a shetland sheepdog.she is full grown and is 2 and3/4 years old.isnt she cute.Michaela