Utz Study Hard!
Hop Study Hard!
Ham Study Hard!

LITERACY: Read, Write, Understand LiteratureRead to Self:
  • Get started right away
  • Stay quiet
  • Stay in one spot (SD)2
  • Read the whole time
  • Work on stamina

Always have one or two "Good Fit" Books with you at school.

I - I look at the book
P - Purpose
I - Interest
C- Comprehension
K - Know most of the words

Genre Study -

Historical Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Biography
Complete one project for each genre. Please follow all directions and ask if you need clarification.

2 projects are due before spring break begins (March 25) and two projects will be due after spring break by Friday, April 8. Do not wait until the last minute! These are at home projects, although some planning, reading, and materials may be given in class. If you are doing a digital or online project, please email Mrs. Hopkins the link or the project itself so it can be posted. You can also save it to your flash drive and turn that in to Mrs. Hopkins. Emails you may send it to include hopkinsclass@gmail.com and celeste.hopkins@foresthills.edu

Genre Study Topics (Projects) - you DO NOT need to sign up on this document (even though you will see some people have). You may refer to this if you misplace or lose your own copy of the project/topic list.

Genre Group Book Review - You may use this online book review format, but be sure to get a copy of the Genre Group Book Review Information Sheet that goes with it!! This is located in the file box in Mrs. Hopkins' room.

Digital and online projects will be linked and posted on the following pages.
Utz Genre Projects
Hopkins Genre Projects
Hamerstadt Genre Projects

//Literary Response//

Literary Genre Crossword Puzzle

Reading Survey

Literary Elements - Mood, Theme, Cause and Effect

Language Arts Skills

Complete or Incomplete Sentences

Making Generalizations
Generalizations Jeopardy

Cause and Effect
Cause and Effect Test - email your results to celestehopkins84@gmail.com

Quia C/E
C/E connectors
If then completions
More Quia C/E
Still more Quia C/E
How did that happen?
CE exercise 1
CE exercise 2

Figurative Language
Personifications, Alliterations, Onomatopoeias, Similes, Metaphors, Hyperboles, Oxymorons, Puns
Drag and drop the metaphors
Fling the Teacher
colonial alliteration game

Compare and Contrast - choose an article from the site below and compare and contrast the subjects. You can make a venn diagram or write out some simple sentences telling the similarities and differences.
ReadWriteThink - Compare and Contrast

Words in Context
Word Clues
free rice vocab game
Vocabulary games

Author's Purpose
Author's Purpose Activities
Study Zone Author's Purpose
More Author's Purpose

Quia - What can you infer?
Quia - What can you infer 2?
Be a critical reader?

Main Idea
Quia Main Idea
What's the big idea?

Facts and Opinions
Facts and Opinions with Binky

external image big_bookworm_color.gif
Tumble Readers
6th grade Language Arts Skill Builders
Writing with Writers
Finding children's books
Newberry Medal and Honor Books
Vocabulary games and puzzles
Writing Prompts Scroll down until you see "Click here for Random Writing Prompt".
Pick a number, Pick a Topic! Move the cursor over the numbers until you find a prompt that you like!
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Poetry Collaborative for Love That Dog
Take a book to read for enjoyment to every class every day! Always have an extra book in your locker.