Public Library Books: Please return to us all of the public library books that you borrowed from school.

5/9/11- Finish Problem 1.1 part A and Define: probability, theoretical probability, experimental probability

Reading: Read, Read, Read! Always have 1-3 "Good Fit" books for your enjoyment to read at school.
Outside of the school setting, read anything of your choice for at least 20 minutes a day, Mon-Thurs, every week. Have a parent sign your planner on the Friday page of the week if you did the required reading. Remember that it is the student's responsibility to get the parent's signature! The signature must be in your planner. Mrs. Hopkins will no longer accept notes written on scrap papers, napkins, emails, etc.

Science: nope!

Social Studies:
Ms. Hamerstadt's homeroom - No homework
Mrs. Utz's Homeroom- Finish review questions from reading (pp396-403) and complete Workbook p87 and 88
Mrs. Hopkins - Study for Test - Tuesday, 5/24 If you want to review the powerpoint we looked at in class, you can find it here.
Spelling -Words List". Attached is the list of words that will be on the test.