Friday - PresentationsGeography Projects

Thursday - 4 things to do today in class! Do them in order.
1. Finish
Please finish putting together your presentation. If your part is finished, you should help anyone in the group who is not finished.

2. Peer Edit and Practice
Please edit all the paragraphs written by your partners. Check spelling, capitals, periods, and that the information MAKES SENSE! Decide who will introduce the group and the topic and the order of presentation in your group. PRACTICE your whole presentation in order at least once.

3. Evaluate
When you finish your presentation, you will need to complete the project evaluation. You can find it HERE. The evaluation is an assignment that you will get points for completing. Please answer honestly. Only Mrs. Hopkins will see your responses.

4. Relax and enjoy some puzzles.
When you complete the evaluation, you may get the wordsearch and geography place name find from the top of the COW and have fun figuring them out.

Wednesday show homeworkpick one computer to do project onone person begins to add their materialtake turns putting in your flash drive and adding your materialstweak presentation (today and tomorrow) Geography Project
1. You will work in groups of 4 or 5 at your desk area. Remember the rules for working in a group.2. Together, you and your group will choose a place to research. You will look for information that illustrates the 5 themes of geography. Once you know what you will research, please sign up on this Google doc.
3. Each group member should choose a theme, find a picture online that illustrates it, and write a paragraph to describe it relative to your chosen place. You will need to type your paragraph using Microsoft Word.4. Chose a presentation format. It can be a poster made with paper, or it can be a digital creation. You may explore and chose one of the tools mentioned here. You will present your project to the class at the end of the week.
HOMEWORK: You should find your information and picture at home if you do not have enough time in class. You may save your work to your flash drive. Picture and paragraph rough draft due Wednesday, 9/29

Project is Due Thursday, 9/30
Check out this document to see how your project will be graded. This was also included on your direction sheet.

Study Guide
Click on the link below to see the Google Doc all 6th grade classes created together in class. (9/21/10)
You will not be able to edit, but you may view it.
Study Guide Questions
Here is a word version of the same document.

Test if Friday, 9/24/10

Geography - Study Guide QuestionsWhat are push and pull factors that cause people to migrate from place to place?What are some geographic causes of world trade?
How do humans change the environment? Why do they change it?What are some positive and negative consequences of these changes?How has human migration impacted te physical and human characteristics of places?How are human settlements and activities influenced by the environment?How are agriculture and manufacturing influenced by changes in technology, transportation, communication, or resources?More questions...What do maps, globes, and charts teach us about the world?
What are the 5 themes of geography?
What is a region and how are regions defined?
How does the movement of people, goods, and ideas affect cultures?
What geographic factors stimulate the movement of people, goods, and ideas?
How does culture influence a place or region?

National Atlas

Geography Research Project


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Latitude/Longitude Game
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