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Take a look at our fabulous projects!
Egypt project - Hopkins
Egypt project - Ham
Egypt project - Utz

As you read about Egypt, you will take notes and keep them in your folder. Please check here to compare and add any additional notes you need.
Book notes pages 131-134

pages 135 - 140
pages 141-147
pages 150 - 155

Individual Egypt Project - Due Friday, Jan. 21 - ready to present!
Each person in your group must choose one of the topics from your packet to read and create a multimedia presentation about. You should have signed up on your google doc. You may separate the pages in your nome packet so you can use them individually.
Your individual project must contain a summary of information about your topic, pictures and captions, a title and by-line.

1. Write a summary of your specific topic, using the information sheet in your nome folder (due 1/13)
2. Choose a tool or format to present your project - tell what you will use on the google doc
3. Start creating! Use the internet to find pictures and more information about your topic
Your pictures and captions will be all of the details you did not include in your summary.

Some presentation tools...Practice on some of the examples to see what you like.

power point
google presentation


or any other appropriate presentation tool.
You may also choose to create a paper poster, but should have some audio to go with it. Try Vocaroo and post!

Egypt Project -
Decide on jobs within your nome
Read about your Egyptian nome
create a nome standard based on clues from your reading (one per group)
Decorate nome folder - this will be turned in each day

Create a poster about your nome - poster should include the following items;
Nome standard, summary about your nome, location of nome indicated on a map, pictures representing info about your nome, neatly arranged items on a poster with title and by line
DUE - by end of class on Thursday, 1/6

Please complete the Project Evaluation - Click Here!

Find out more about your nome! Not all sites include all nomes.
The Land of Egypt
Map of Egypt
Type the name of your nome into this search engine to find more specific info.
nomes of ancient egypt

Gadgets powered by Google

When you finish with your poster work on the following:

create a cartouche - (one per person)
Create your own cartouche at Virtual Egypt Then please use a piece of paper and draw and color your cartouche.

Create a Menat neck hanging to signify your status. Mrs. H has the templates - HOMEWORK

Both, the cartouche and Menat are due Friday, 1/7

Explore the sites below

Sites about Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
Egyptian Gods
More Gods
Egyptian Pharaohs
Gods and Goddesses website from sm-12noll


Huge head of pharaoh unearthed in Egypt Read the news article here.

The British Museum - Ancient Egypt Select one of the topics from the menu and explore. Try the Challenge for the topic you choose.

Egypt Brainteasers Try the quiz on daily life in Ancient Egypt - see how much money you can win!

Game Aquarium Play the Nile game at the top, then choose another game to play.

Discovering Ancient Egypt Check out all the info, videos, and activities on this site. Just a reminder... Youtube videos on this site will not play at school.

Tomb of the Unknown Mummy

Mummy Quiz Take this quiz on paper, then check your answers.

Neferchichi's Tomb Ton's of Egypt fun and facts!

Ancient Egypt many interesting and interactive links

Mummies - Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt

Obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut
Egyptian Obelisks
Ancient Egyptian Culture
Women in Ancient Egypt


carter's Egypt mines and quarries

Paige's Egyptian clothing PPT.

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Justin's Boats on the Nile PPT.

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