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THURSDAY - Finish Tuesday and Wednesday assignments, then study with a partner for your test tomorrow and play some games on this page.

Be an Archaeologist

Hunt the Ancestor online game

Human Evolution

Interactive Map Quiz

Early Man Matching Quiz

Who Am I Game


Dig and Deduce

Prehistoric Humans

WEDNESDAY - You will need a sheet of loose leaf paper with the heading Social Studies. Please put your name, #, and date in the proper format. Follow the directions below.

What does a paleoanthropologist do? Check out the following site to find out and write down the definition.

What did Eugene Dubois discover in 1891 in Indonesia? Visit this site to find out. Write a sentence telling what he found. Include his name in the sentence. Eugene Dubois

Visit these sites and make a NEAT timeline of early humans. On your timeline, you should include the approximate dates for the existance of homo habilis, homo ergaster, homo erectus, neanderthal, and homo sapiens.
Draw and label neatly.
Early Humans Timeline
Human Development Timeline
Caveman facts
Becoming Human - Interactive Timeline and Documentary

Tools of Early Man - Click to learn about tools early man used. After reading and looking at the tools, describe how the tools of early man improved or became more advanced.
Neanderthal Tools
Cro-Magnon Tools
Stone Tools
Common stone tools
Types of stone tools
Fire and Early tools Read first three paragraphs
Early human tools and weapons
The Smithsonian - Tools and Food
Earliest fired knives Read the first paragraph to learn about fired tools.

Social Life of Early Humans - Explore Early Humans' social life and learn how they survived - together.
Social life

Want to learn more about Lucy? Click the link.

Human Migration
The Journey of Man
The Spread of Early Humans - Interactive Map Quiz

Caves at Lasaux - cave paintings
A visit to Lasaux

Video Notes - Stone Age Man - Yes! You will be tested on this information!

These are the videos we watched in class on Tues. 11/9 about Early Human Migration and Otzi the Ice Man. Click on the link to go to the Videos page to see them again.

Or click this link to take you to the website where the Otzi video will play. You will have to watch a brief advertisement before the video plays.
How Stuff Works Videos - The Ice Man Discovered

Google Search-Cube

Choose a question from your class Google Doc to answer. Use your book, the internet, or other resource. When you find the answer, type it in the Google Doc. You will have to sign into Google to add your information.

To get to the Google Docs page, please go to
Click on "Sign in" up in the top right hand corner.
Username - hopkinsclass Password -
Then click on "more"
Find "Documents" in the drop down list and click it

Ham Early Man Google Doc
Utz Early Man Google Doc
Hop Early Man Google Doc

homo habilis
homo erectus
homo erectus quiz
homo sapiens
cro magnon-modern humans

Early Man Study Guide