Cell TableWhat object is shaped like a box, a coil, a corkscrew, a cube, an octopus, a rod, a saucer, a star, or a blob of jelly?

(Answer = the cell) A cell is the tiny building block that makes up all living things.

mitosis information Learn about the process of body cell division
Mitosis: Mitosis animation

Cells Alive: Interactive Cells
Another great CELL site
Look inside a cell! (very cool!)J
Diagram of Plant and Animal Cell:Diagram of Plant and Animal Cell
Definitions for Cell Parts
Cell Theory and "What makes something alive?"

List 1 - Vocabulary words: You have the definitions in your science journal OR they can be found on the above websites.
  • cell
  • cytoplasm
  • vacuole
  • organelles
  • cell wall
  • chloroplast
  • cell membrane
  • nucleus
  • mitochondria
  • nuclear membrane
  • ribosome
  • chromosome
  • mitosis
  • prophase
  • metaphase
  • anaphase
  • telephase
  • Anton Van Leeuwenhoek (discovered a "whole new world" that couldn't be seen without magnification)
  • Robert Hooke (He looked at a slice of cork and named the tiny parts "cells". He was the first person to study cells.)

List 2 - Vocabulary words (These words will be introduced in the spring of 2011):

A Cell going through mitosis:

Plant Cell
Plant Cell