Periodic Table Practice Games
Element Concentration Game

Atoms and Elements
Click on this link to find out what elements are in the human body.

Use the following sites to find everything you need for your "ADOPT AN ELEMENT" project and your edible element.
Atom information
All About Atoms
Compare electrons to protons and neutrons Find melting and boiling point for most elements
Structure of Matter
Chemistry 4 Kids
Very helpful table of elements TONS of information!
Chemical Elements Click on an element and find out all about it!
What's In An Atom?
Table of Elements Click on any element and it will give you tons of information about that element
Table of Elements in PICTURES! So cool!
VERY detailed Table of Elements! If you have a craving to learn more about the TOE, then this is the place!

Use this "What Am I?" worksheet to learn the names of various elements. Write your answers in your science journal.

This is the study guide for the Atom Vocabulary Quiz (quiz date is Feb. 23rd)

Vocabulary comprehension Passages